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  • hyperpolarize — verb Date: 1946 transitive verb to produce an increase in potential difference across (a biological membrane) intransitive verb to undergo or produce an increase in potential difference across something • hyperpolarization noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • hyperpolarize — hyperpolarization, n. /huy peuhr poh leuh ruyz /, v., hyperpolarized, hyperpolarizing. Physiol. v.t. 1. to increase the difference in electric potential across (a cell membrane). v.i. 2. to undergo such an increase. Also, esp. Brit.,… …   Universalium

  • hyperpolarize — verb To increase the polarity of something, especially the polarity across a biological membrane …   Wiktionary

  • hyperpolarize — hy·per·po·lar·ize also Brit hy·per·po·lar·ise .hī pər pō lə .rīz vb, ized or chiefly Brit ised; iz·ing or chiefly Brit is·ing vt to produce an increase in potential difference across (a biological membrane) <a hyperpolarized nerve cell> vi… …   Medical dictionary

  • hyperpolarize — hy·per·polarize …   English syllables

  • Photoreceptor cell — This article is about cellular photoreceptors. For other types of photoreceptors, see Photoreceptor (disambiguation). Rods and cones redirects here. For the Blue Man Group song, see Rods and Cones (song). Neuron: Photoreceptor Cell …   Wikipedia

  • Mammalian eye — Eye Schematic diagram of the human eye …   Wikipedia

  • photoreception — photoreceptive, adj. /foh toh ri sep sheuhn/, n. the physiological perception of light. [1905 10; PHOTO + RECEPTION] * * * Biological responses to stimulation by light, most often referring to the mechanism of vision. In one celled organisms such …   Universalium

  • Smooth muscle tissue — Smooth muscle …   Wikipedia

  • hyperpolarization — noun see hyperpolarize …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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